St Louis, Second Pick – and the math behind it

2:  St Louis     Jake Mathews

The Turkey’s on, and such sites, will tell you “they have to take Clowney!”

Read my first post again. NFL first round is about taking (what you consider) as a safe pick, a value pick, and a 3rd variable being a position of need.

I disagree Clowney is a safe pick – because no pass rusher is a safe pick. Taking a pass rusher at 2 is not a value pick. And it’s not a position of need.  So it’s very unlikely St. Louis take Clowney, statistically.

The math is all pointing towards offensive tackle. And don’t listen to these freaking turkey’s telling you Greg Robinson will be the guy. He fails the “safety” test. Sure, he’s safe at right tackle. But he’s not as safe at left tackle as Jake Mathews.

Mathews is the safe, high value number 2 pick. 



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